About Me

Hi, everyone.

My name is Steve Yeo.

I was born and live in South-Korea.

One day, when I was standing on the edge of a cliff and overlooking down the gigantic massive Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA, in May 2000, I felt I had lived in such a tiny place before.

That was my life-turning point.

Then my soul had pushed me to go to the world to touch it, feel it, and smell it.

From that time I saved money not to make my future life safe, but to travel the world as many as I could.

One of my great accomplishment was traveling between Sydney to Perth via Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia in 2002. I completed this journey for six months by old Mitsubishi Pajero. Once I encountered a burglar, I was interrogated by a cop, misunderstood as a criminal or terrorist, and I’ve got my old car wrecked in the middle of no where in outback, and much more.

It was the most fascinating experience in my life, nevertheless how much I had troubled that time; I felt absolute freedom and deeply united with nature. I still can remember the time when I was feeding a kangaroo in my camping site(he wanted to sleep in my tent), dozens of pelican waiting for my feeding the fish head when I was fishing in Port Lincoln in South Australia. I still remember as if it had happened yesterday when I was looking up the night sky in a caravan park in a small town in New Zealand, the sky was covered with millions of shiny stars.

I am not a full-time outdoor adventure guide nor outback explorer. However, I love to travel and experience the nature.

I’d like to help anyone who is interested in any kind of outdoor activities or traveling by

showing and giving the right information about outdoor and sports activities.

Thanks for visiting this site.

I hope you make it to feel absolute ‘freedom’ in outdoor, the nature.


Best regards,

Steve Yeo